Pet Name: Ercuw

Pet Kind or Specie: Dragon
Date Introduced: 21st March 2006
Description: Introduced in the March 2006 account upgrades, the Ercuw is a dragon pet with bat-wings ears, highly seeked by many members because of it's rarity. Two and a half years later the September 2008 account upgrade introduced them again as Enchanted Fire Fairy Ercuw Plushies; which appears to be a downgrade (making poor Ercuw look like some type of "wish-granting" fairy creature). Luckily, you could just costume it with something else to get a more fierce looking, more classic looking, Ercuw. [1] Ercuws are known for their financial skill, which can be seen if you go to the Stock Market in Puchalla Village.

Marapets Description: These little dragons are found in caves practicing fire breathing techniques.

Ercuw firefairy

Firefairy Ercuw #30

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