Enchanted Plushies are plushies that your pet can play with. Once your pet has done playing with the plushie your pet will turn into whatever plushie it was. Enchanted plushies can be used once.

They can be bought from Account Upgrades or from the Plushie Machine.

Kidlet daylight
Ian has changed into Daylight Kidlet and your Enchanted Daylight Kidlet Plushie has now lost its magical power

Enchanted Plushies

Enchanted Plushies come from the plushie machine and you can also buy them from user shops, though they can be pretty expensive. Enchanted Plushies are similar to Potions and Costumes, except they change your pet into the Species and Costume of the plushie. Once used, the plushie will change into a normal plushie, with its value almost always drastically reduced.

List of Enchanted Plushies

I'm not sure if you can get all of these from the plushie machine though. Edited by sweetninnocent101:

All Enchanted Plushies are obtained through the plushie machine, most are then sold in usershops but others are a lot more expensive therefore can be found in trades/galleries

Sorry, due to the large number of enchanted plushies now available on this site and the fact that they are all listed on the Wishlist/Database now, this list has been removed.

Chibs fat

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