Costume emo
The Emo Costume is a costume that is a grey shirt with some scratches and a black stain on the right. It is available from the Costumes Shop. Putting this costume on certain marapets will turn it into an emo! According to Urban Dictionary, "emo" is a shortening of "Emotional hardcore punk rock". The people in early emo bands dressed like regular people who just played music that they enjoyed. Sadly, since the founding and ongoing existence of Hot Topic, the term emo has been incorrectly characterized for a little more than a decade. This costume is the Marapets equivalent to the Grey Paintbrush at Neopets, since Emo pets are sad and grey with red and pink features.

Emo PetsEdit

Remember the Emo Xoi that showed up whenever there were no pets to adopt at the Pound? Well, it has been replaced by the Emo Quell. An Emo Kronk shows up when you have either no items or too many items in your inventory.