Pet Name: Echlin
Pet Kind or Species: Echidna
Date Introduced: 17th March 2011
Description: The Echlin is a restricted pet that is the main prize for completing the Slate Pyramid. To complete the Slate Pyramid you must hand over a Simerian Slate or two gained from completing Simerian Excavator's quests or you can also buy them off user shops. An Echlin is featured in the Magazine Stand at Lowlyhood. [1]

  • AdventGo to Advent Costume
  • AngelGo to Angel Costume
  • BeeGo to Bee Costume
  • Blue
  • BritishGo to British Costume
  • Bronze
  • BurntGo to Burnt Costume
  • CalicoGo to Calico Costume
  • CamouflageGo to Camouflage Costume
  • Checkered
  • Coral
  • DevilGo to Devil Costume
  • DollGo to Doll Costume
  • FireworkGo to Firework Costume
  • Floral
  • Galaxy
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Hairy
  • Headless
  • Icefairy
  • Invisible
  • Love
  • Midnight
  • Millionaire
  • Minipet
  • Mummy
  • Mutant
  • Native
  • Nefarious
  • Negative
  • OliveGo to Olive Costume
  • PastelGo to Pastel Costume
  • Pilgrim
  • Pinata
  • Polar
  • Prison
  • Radioactive
  • Rainbow
  • Red
  • Rotten
  • Royal
  • Sewers
  • Snow
  • Space
  • Sparkle
  • Starry
  • Strobe
  • TigerGo to Tiger Costume
  • Yellow
  • Zombie

Echlin (No. #64)

Official Description: These pets have an amazing sense of smell and can find their prey from many miles away by scent alone.


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Echlins around MaradaEdit

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