Desert Spy Quest Edit


Marapets Description: The Desert Spy works secretly for the Kamilah Sultan. His job is to make sure that all of Marada's supporters follow only the Sultan and that King Baspinar and Queen Eleka's influence in Marada is limited. The Kamilah Spy needs your help!

To complete a Desert Spy quest you will need to restock the item he asks for within the time limit, return here and give it to him. Restocking an item means that you will need to spy on the main shop in Marada where these items sell, wait for it to be in stock and buy it. If you purchase it in time, return here and give it to the Kamilah Spy and win Spy Points. You can spend these points in his own shop, which restocks randomly throughout the day.

Additional Comments: You can get the restricted pet Justin from the Desert Spy Shop.



The Spy Dark Fasoro.

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