Pet Name: Dakota
Pet Kind or Specie: Fox or African Wild Dog

Date Introduced: 9th November 2007 - Ice Fairy Account Upgrade
Description: The Dakota is some sort of round-eared canine Marapet that resembles mostly an "African Wild Dog". It is Limited Edition, meaning that their species is rare and limited. It cannot be obtained from any missions, but you can earn them through the game via an account upgrade, trading, or a potion. It is best known for its role as the Simerian Explorer in the Lost City of Simeria. Last released January 2017 (Fancy). Can be re-released at any time.

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Dakota (No. 46)

Marapets Description: Dakotas like nothing more than things to chase! A friendly pet who is known to jump out of bushes shouting boo!


  • A Dakota Cake is not just for Dakotas! Any pet would love its tasty goodness!

For a list of costumes available for this pet, go here.

Dakotas around MaradaEdit

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