Pet Name: Daisy
Pet Kind or Specie: Bovine
Date Introduced: 19th July 2007 (Undying Festival)
Date of Retirement : 20th November 2012

Description: The Daisy pet was released as the grand prize of the Undying Festival, a new yearly activity in July 2007. When all the clues were gathered, you needed to claim your Daisy on the Undying Festival page in the Undying Woods. Although it was considered easy to get a Daisy through the festival, and everyone believed it to be the most circulated LE marapet, the Festival was cancelled in 2009, which made the Daisy a bit more rare. The festival was back in August 2010, came back in July-August 2011, and on November 2012. Marapets has announced that the 2012 Undying Festival is going to be the last time the Daisy will ever be available from the Undying Festival and in the future, a new pet would be used. This statement was proven false, but for the October 2016 Undying Festival, Daisy was promoted to be a restricted pet. The Wigs Shop owner is a Daisy.

Marapets Description: The Daisy produces a special type of brown milk ideal for the most delectable easter eggs!

Daisy blitzen

Blitzen Daisy

Daisy recycled

Daisy Marapet (No. 44)

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