Pet Name: Crindol
Pet Kind or Specie: Feline Dragon
Date Introduced: April 3rd 2007 Minipet Island War.
Description: The Crindol is a pet that highly resembles a dragon and a lion, it is mostly known for being the pet at the Secret Santa Quest. The Crindol is perhaps one of the most controversial Marapets due to its history. Looking back at the history of this marapet, in April Fools April 1st 2007, there was a prank message in the Marapets news, saying that Queen Eleka and King Baspinar were very fond of each other and decided to get married. The news came as a shock, because there was supposed to be a war going on, between the two kingdoms; and they were supposed to hate one another. The same news post went as far as to say that Queen Eleka was already expecting a young, and that it would be the next species of marapets. Later of course, it was revealed that it was all an April Fools joke; incidentally the same news post announced that the Crindol was "born". The pet obviously looks like both, no doubt about it. Strange enough, even though the News page admits that Queen Eleka and King Baspinar's marriage "was an April Fools' joke", they didn't reveal the truth about the descendence of this marapet. Which has left users confused to this day about it's bizarre occurrence. The Crindol is fairly famous and attractive however, and most people are familiar with the Secret Santa Quest Crindol, who is very generous.

Official Description: Crindols like to perch in high places and watch the world go by.


  • It's possible that the Crindol's name is based off of Kris Kringle, the original name of Santa Claus and because of the fact that the Secret Santa is a Crindol, this is very likely to be true.

Crindol chibi
Crindol ice

Crindol Marapet

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