The Costumes Shop is found in Biala Mountain and, like any other shop, it restocks every 5 minutes. The currency is MP. Try and restock some rare pet costumes in this shop for your pet to wear.

The shop owner

The Costume Shop Owner.


Whilst stocking a wide variety of costumes, you will have to be fast to buy one. Like, speed-of-light fast. On entering the shop you will most likely come across this message in place of the stock:

'I've sold out of all of my Costumes'  Come back later and there may be new items in stock Why not search for your item in user shops using the Shop Search?

Many poor Maradans are too slow and unlucky to stumble across any form of stock in here. However, some more... dishonest maradans will take advantages of 'Ticker timers' to get their hands on the costumes as soon as it restocks. Tsk tsk.

How do you sleep at night, cheaters!!! What the heck do you think you're doing! Why I ought to blow up this shop right here and now! Did you think that looking at CARTOONFELIZ.HIS would help you? I know your hard drive like the back of your eyelids. It was a trap, and you fell for it, YOU FOOL! You're so stupid that I'm afraid I can't allow you to live because it would be unfair to the MORONS in Marada. DIE! DIE! DIE!