Buzz the Space Willa Cosmonaut is always on a space mission to Enpiah. He orbits the planet performing various experiments and important research for Maradans. He needs your help to bring him the supplies he needs to complete his work. 

To complete a Cosmonaut quest you will need to restock the item he asks for within the time limit, return here and give it to him. Restocking an item means that you will need to spy on the main shop in Marada where these items sell, wait for it to be in stock and buy it. If you purchase it in time, return here and give it to the Cosmonaut. He will take your item and reward you with a prize of MP, Dip or maybe an Enchanted Dip. You can dip your pet into one of these Enchanted Dips and it will change into a random colour. The pet species and dip need to match, for example, you can only dip a Rofling into an Enchanted Rofling Dip. They then turn into normal dip items which are Gourmet Food.

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