Whilst surfing the forums, you may come across a strange and unintelligible language consisting of seemingly random letters and symbols. These are the hallmarks of chatspeak. This guide is intended to help you figure out what on earth people are saying. (This Chatspeak Guide is only intended to cover non-Marapet-specific terms, Marapet terms are covered in the Glossary page).

Chatspeak Guide: Edit

<3 Edit

Love, as in "I <3 cheese toasties, they're just so tasty!"

1337 speak Edit

Newth digital

caption me like one of your French girls

1337 speak (leet, or elite) is a way of writing words online. Basically, 1337 speak makes minimal use of proper letters in words, instead replacing them with numbers and symbols. 1337 speak also tends to be very poorly spelled and has bad grammar. An example would be "0MFG D00D /\Ü571N 15 T3H l_l83Я 1337 Я0XX0ЯZ", which translates as "OMG, dude, Austin is the über-elite rocks-er!", or, in plain English, "Austin rocks!"[1]

1337 speak is a particularly irritating way of typing, and many people seem to have a real dislike for it. You are most likely to come across 1337 speak in the SPAM Forum.

abt Edit

About, as in "What is all this Undying Festival talk abt?"

atm Edit

At the moment, as in "I'll do the trade later, I'm busy atm"

bc Edit

Because, as in "I only portalled your chibs bc you didn't say not to!"

bf Edit

Boyfriend (see gf).

bff Edit

Best friend forever, as in: "OMG, thanks for the angel chibs, you're my bff!"
Chibs angel

btw Edit

By the way, as in "btw, you still need to return my pet"

cba Edit

Can't be a**** (can't be bothered), as in "My dad asked me to wash the dishes, but I cba"

diaf Edit

Die in a fire. Used when you hate something, and wish to express your desire to see it destroyed, as in "Random Chat needs to diaf"

ffs Edit

A less polite way of saying "for goodness sake", as in "I wish people would stop mailing me to vote for them ffs"

Don't use this phrase on Marapets, as it is against the rules to swear, even in chatspeak.

fml Edit

For my life. Means "honestly", as in "I met the president once, fml"

ftr Edit

For the record, as in "ftr, I never scammed anyone, so stop accusing me"

ftw Edit

For the win. Used to say something is awesome, as in "Jam doughnuts ftw!"

fyi Edit

For your information, as in "Oh, and fyi, it wasn't me who told on you, it was Sally"

gal Edit

Get a life, as in "'Hannah Montana fans need to gal"


Yakubi Montana

gf Edit

Girlfriend (see bf).

GL Edit

Good luck, as in "'GL with your exam next week!"

gtg Edit

Got to go, as in "Well, that's lunch break over, gtg"

idc Edit

I don't care, as in "Seriously, idc if you really want the avatar, I'm not voting for you"

idgi Edit

I don't get it, as in "My friend has been ignoring me all week, idgi"

idk Edit

I don't know (or, if you're Scottish, I dinnae ken, which means the same thing =D ).

ikr Edit

I know right, as in:

Person 1 "People keep sending me begging mails for my pet"

Person 2 "IKR, it's sooooo annoying!"

imo Edit

In my opinion, as in "Oasis were the best British band of the 90s imo". Sometimes lengthened to imho, meaning "in my honest opinion".

jk (or j/k) Edit

This means joke, as in "If you tell me the answer, I'll give you my dad's car! jk"

jw Edit

Just wondering.


Laughing my a** off. Frequently combined with ROFL to create "ROFLMAO" (Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off).

lol Edit

Laugh out loud. There can't be many internet users who don't understand this term. Still, there are still some who will occasionally look blankly and uncomprehendingly at this word. Lol has been used in the past to mean "Lots of Love", but this isn't really commonplace anymore. It is very important to be careful if you wish to use the latter meaning, as messages such as "I'm sorry to hear your cat has died, lol", can be taken in a very different way!

Sometimes people will lengthen lol to lololol, loooool, lulz or a similar variation.

Meh Edit

Meh has two distinct meanings. One means "me". The other is a bit harder to define. One site defines it as: "Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care"

moar Edit

An alternative spelling of more. See also: nao.

Kronk halloween

nao Edit

An alternative spelling of now. See also: moar.

nbd Edit

No big deal, as in "My mum took £5 from my wallet without asking first. It's nbd, but I'd rather she'd asked"

newb/n00b Edit

A shorter version of the word "newbie". A newbie is a person who is new to a game, so hasn't necessarily learned how do do some of the more basic things which you may take for granted (such as restocking). Some people view "n00bs" as being beneath them, so may be very rude toward them. However, any decent player will treat a newbie as just another player, who may need a little more help. Remember, everyone was once a newbie, without exception!

Rusty geek

"Some people make a distinction between a noob and a newb, with a "newb" being a level-headed beginner who is polite, heeds advice, and honestly wishes to improve, while a noob is obnoxious, annoying, and overconfident. In other words, everyone starts as a newb — you're only a Noob if you don't grow out of it." - tvtropes

ngl Edit

Not gonna lie, as in "ngl, that cake was amaaazing!"

nty Edit

No thank you, as in:

Person 1 "Trade my badly-named yellow addow for your statted angel chibs?"

Person 2 "nty"

ofc Edit

Of course, as in "I wanted to go to spring break with my friends, but ofc my mom had different ideas"

OMG Edit

Oh my God/gosh. As in "OMG, I can't believe you just called me that!"

Sometimes people will change it to the somewhat less polite OMFG.

orly Edit

Oh really? Often followed by the response "ya rly" (yes, really), as in:

Person 1 "I love Doritos, I could eat them all day."

Person 2 "Orly?"

Person 1 "Ya rly."

pita Edit

Pain in the a**, as in "My brother is being a real pita"

plz Edit



Peeing myself laughing. Used when something is exceptionally funny.

ppl Edit

People, as in "You know, some ppl need to get a life"

rawr Edit

This means "I love you" in dinosaur.

rly Edit



Rolling on the floor laughing. Frequently combined with LMAO to create "ROFLMAO" (Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off).
Rofling steampunk

srs/srsly Edit

Serious/seriously, as in "srsly, someone needs to slap some sense into that guy"

sthu Edit

Shut the heck/hell up. Often spelled stfu, which I'll leave you to figure out.

tbh Edit

To be honest, as in "I hardly ever use chatspeak tbh"

teh Edit

An alternative spelling of "the"

tgif Edit

Thank god it's Friday, as in "School has been terrible this week, tgif"

tl;dr Edit

"Too long; didn't read". This is often a reply given to people who have made a very long forum post. Many people dislike reading anything more than a couple of sentences. This doesn't mean you shouldn't make long posts!

tmi Edit

Too much information. People typically don't want to know if you've just been to the toilet, or hear about your fungal nail infection, so telling them about it will usually get you this response.

ttly Edit

Totally, as in "Yeah, I ttly would trade you my Chibs for your Ercuw"

tyvm Edit

Thank you very much, as in "Actually, I did very well in my exams, tyvm"
Mordo school

w/e Edit

Whatever (pretty straightforward really!)

wth/wtf Edit

What the heck/hell". As for wtf, we'll let you work that one out!

wuu2/wubu2 Edit

What are you up to/what have you been up to, as in "Hey, wuu2" and "Yo man, been a while since I've seen you, wubu2?"

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