On Marapets, your costumizable avatar is often reffered to as your Character. You can dress it anyway you want with the clothes that are available for you to buy. There are specific things that you can use to dress your character: different brand named apparell, different brand named shoes, lipstick, contact lenseshair styling, illegal surgery for your nose, tanning, tattoos and more! All of these come in different colors whether it's made like that or something you can change color of in the fountain, in Lush Lake

(Rena helped with this one to hehe)

Your avatar is viewed by the users of Marapets on your profile and when you post on the forums. Make sure your character is well dressed and ready to be viewed by the public! The original dolls were over 10 years old now and were created in Flash. A lot has changed since then and Flash is pretty much dead - even YouTube has stopped using it! For Ian, this was a major issue, as Flash doesn't load on mobile phones or tablets. It has also got slower and more unstable for desktop users too. Characters have switched to PNG images in all parts of the site as of August 10th 2015 and you should've already noticed a huge difference in the speed of the site. Animated clothing or experiences are static now. If you play Marapets on desktop, Flash will still be used at the Lush Fountain and Wardrobe previews.