The Cartoon Costume is a costume that is a part of the Cartoon Gold Account UpgradeWhen you use this costume on your pet, they would look like a cartoon character from those vintage cartoons.
Costume cartoon
This costume is Rarity 30.
Cartoon easter egg

The Easter egg

Note: Some cartoon marapets; we don't know what vintage cartoon character that pet looks like. Do you know what it is? Send in a comment to let us know, and well send Molokaicreeper to edit this page for us.

List of marapets that can wear this costumeEdit

  • Addow - unknown
  • Chibs - unknown
  • Crikey - unknown
  • Feliz cartoon
    Feliz - Looks like Winnie the Pooh
  • Figaro - unknown
  • huthiq - Special Aliens from Planet X! lol jk unknown
  • Justin - unknown
  • Kalaa cartoon
    Kaala - A beautiful Persian cat from a cartoon that we cannot tell ;)
  • Lati cartoon
    Lati - Looks like Oswald the Rabbit
  • Leido cartoon
    Leido - Looks like Bert from Duck and Cover
  • Mordo - unknown
  • Murfin cartoon
    Murfin - Looks a lot like Mickey Mouse (except without the shoes)
  • Newth cartoon
    Newth - Since there are no duck marapets in Marada, this Cartoon Newth was made to look like Donald Duck.
  • Osafo cartoon
    Osafo - Looks like a singing bird from a certain cartoon
  • Poera - unknown
  • Rofling cartoon
    Rofling - Looks like a hedgehog from a certain cartoon?
  • zola - unknown

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