Costume cartoonThe Cartoon Costume is a costume that was a part of the Cartoon Gold Account Upgrade from February 23rd, 2014 that retired on October 19th. It is a film projector, some cartoon gloves, and a film reel. Put this costume on certain marapets and it will make it into an old cartoon. Cartoon pets have a notch in their eyes, gloves (if possible), bowties, gray-scale color scheme, and round tips instead of sharp ones. These characters often had white fills in their eyes, but the marapets make do without them.

Note: For some cartoon marapets, we don't know what cartoon character they would look like. Do you know what they are? Send in a comment to let us know!

This costume has not received any new pets since it retired, so it is currently unknown when it will receive an update. It may be won from the Weekly Quest Contest. The Puchalla Village map features a few Cartoon pets (Newth, Justin, Lati). The villain Bankrupt is a Cartoon Lati featured in his own Battle Card and the Puchalla Stock Market with a Cartoon Crikey. There is another villain known as Trixter who could be won from the Capsule Machine.


This avatar references 1930's rubber hose animation and is earned by putting this costume on your pet.

Welcome to the Marapets Cartoon Network!Edit

Cartoon ItemsEdit

The Unnecessary Perfection Instructions is a reference to blueprints from this time period. There is also a cartoon themed comic book, DVD of the best moments from the 1930's, potato featuring popcorn, tickets, and a film camera; also a gourmet pizza that sings and walks, stamp featuring a two-reel picture of a Cartoon Newth, and a flower minipet called Sunny the Sunflower.

Cartoon Pets + Possible TriviaEdit

  • Addow - unknown
  • Chibs - Possible allusion to Pete
  • Crikey - unknown
  • Feliz - Winnie the Pooh even though the book was not adapted until the 1960s.
  • Figaro - unknown
  • Huthiq - Special Aliens from Planet X! lol jk unknown
  • Justin - unknown
  • Kaala - A beautiful Persian cat from a cartoon that we cannot tell ;)
  • Lati - Oswald the Rabbit
  • Leido - Looks like Toby Tortoise from Silly Symphonies
  • Mordo - unknown
  • Murfin - Looks a lot like Mickey Mouse (except without the shoes)
  • Newth - Since there are no duck marapets in Marada, this Cartoon Newth was made to look like Donald Duck.
  • Osafo - Mildred Abigail Cooper-Smith from the first cartoon show Cuphead
  • Poera - unknown
  • Rofling - Looks like a hedgehog from a certain cartoon?
  • Zola - unknown