High above Marada, in the world of Nimbus, the Capsule Machine randomly floats on a cloud. It is filled with special Capsules containing many rare and exciting items. You will need to use a Capsule Machine Token to get one of these Capsules. You can buy
Capsule Machine Tokens at the Account Upgrades Shop or from other players. You can only use the Capsule Machine once every 12 hours. If you are really lucky, you may win a restricted Zola pet! Below are some examples of prizes from this Capsule Machine; you can view the current Capsule Machine Prize List here

WARNING: It is against the rules to use the Capsule Machine for another player. 

Capsule Machine Prizes Edit


  • Most of these prizes depend on what season it currently is, but the Zola and Prize-themed stuff are sold year-round.
  • The Enchanted Zola Plushies can also be won at the Plushie Machine at Slater Park.
  • One of the first ever Account Upgrades ever (back in 2004/5) had a limited edition Gold Pet Necklace as a main prize. They have never had any purpose at all but as of June 9th 2014, you can now finally add them to your wardrobe. These are the first Jewelry items that can be added to your wardrobe and your character can wear them now. For a limited time only, these have been re-released in the Capsule Machine