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Marapets Description: King Baspinar welcomes you to Baspinar's Castle. You are in the most prestigious part of Marada, with some of the most important and powerful Maradans. Battling is very important for the king, and he looks fondly upon those who have well-trained and strong marapets. All major decisions for the site happen here inside the castle. The whole world only uses the currency of Baspinar Points, BP, so do not visit without them! The castle is closed at night time, while the King is sleeping. When the castle is closed, the bridge goes up and you are able to visit the Troll living under the bridge...

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Baspinar Castle

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Additional Comments: The castle experiences night time every other hour in real life time. That means one real life hour is equal to 12 hours in the Marapets game. This is similar to the time conversion used in the Legend of Zelda games. There is however, a glitch, that makes the castle have daytime for a full 3 real life hours from 7:00 MST to 9:59 MST. There is a similar glitch with the Graveyard Keeper, but not at the same time.
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Nighttime Baspinar Castle

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