Pet Name: Basil
Pet Kind or Specie: Rat, Mole or Mouse

Date Introduced: Announced 4th November 2009, released 9th July 2010
Description: This rat marapet was announced when the city Sewers world got introduced on the 4th November 2009. The Sewer Cleaner mission was released a few months later on 9th July 2010 which is one of the ways to earn one. There is a way or two to get a Basil as well, by way of whirlpool (although getting any LE pet from whirlpool is quite rare), or take your non-Basil pet to the Temple of Transmogrification. This pet has only one eye, its left being sewn shut. On its tail, a bandage is wrapped around it near the tip. The name 'Basil' originates from a commonly used spice, however it is unknown if it's name was inspired by the spice or has any relevance to the pet itself. The Items Wanted post owner in Vortex Park is a Basil.

Marapets Description: Basils lurk in the sewers but occasionally creep up into marada looking for exotic cheese.

Basil pink

#58 A Pink Basil

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