Basic Marapets Help: Beginner's Marapets Playing Guide Edit

Intro Edit

Ok, so you are new in Marapets and don't know what to do at all! If you are not familiar with pet sites, then this is the place for you!

The basics of ALL pets sites Edit

Q: What do ALL pet sites have in common?Edit

A: There are many things that are common in pet sites, these are a few:

  • You can own a virtual pet or several virtual pets.
  • You always earn a type of currency to buy items with.
  • You can dress-up or costume your pets.
  • You must feed and tend to your pet(s).
  • You can go questing, looking for an item you're been asked for, to get prizes such as items or currency.
  • You can battle your pet!
  • You can chat with friends in the forums, a "shoutbox" or "talk" feature.
  • You can send items to other users in the game site.
  • You can assemble treasure maps to find treasure or just access a very rewarding feature!
  • You can play Flash Games to get points or currency to buy items.
  • You can collect avatars to show them off in the site's forums.
  • You have an inventory where you carry things with you. You get to hold items such as:
    • Food, candy, fast food and other edibles for your pets.
    • Weapons and armory you can use to equip your pet for battle.
    • Toys and other items for your pet to play with.
    • Books, music instruments, CDs or DVDs you can show to your pet.
  • You have a safety box, attic or similar to store your items in safely.
  • You have your own shop to list the items you choose to sell, some sites have trades for trading items and auctions as well.
  • Some pet sites may have a personal character, also known as a doll to identify you.

Your Doll Edit

Your doll (some people call it character) is what's going to represent you in your profile and the forums. When you start, you're suggested to create a doll and create a pet. If you just created an account, you're most likely going to be automatically taken to create your doll. You should go ahead and create your doll with the best possible characteristics you'd like. You can later go to dress-up games here to recreate your doll or to see the options available for your character doll. From there you can find the doll maker, your wardrobe, the Lush Fountain (guide here), and the Clothing Rack (clothing rack info).

Your Wardrobe Edit

Your wardrobe is the place where you will keep ALL your clothes. Including character costumes, shoes, wigs, pants, etc. and it can hold both kinds of clothes, male and female clothes.

Dressing Up Your Doll Edit

The piece of clothing you just received from the clothing rack can be worn if you go to your inventory. Click on it and choose to use it. When you do, it goes to your wardrobe.
Your wardrobe can be easily accessed on your profile. Or you can go to it directly from this link.
The clothing you just used goes straight into your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is divided by categories, so make sure you choose the right one. Click on it then make sure you choose to save changes.
At the bottom of your wardrobe you can see buttons to remove shoes and glasses. Don't forget about these you will need these later when you want to take your shoes or glasses off!

Important Things About Your Doll And Wardrobe Edit

  • Your doll can only wear clothes according to its gender. There are male-exclusive clothing, so don't be fooled to attempt to buy a piece of clothing from here thinking you can wear it. Well, you CAN if you re-create your doll which is not difficult.
  • You will be fully dressed with rags when you start. You have no excuse to start a whiny post in the forums saying you've got "no clothes". Many people do that to beg for clothes and shoes. It is not nice to create forum posts for attention purposes.
  • People donate clothes to the Pot Of Gold very often, if you're desperate for clothes and shoes, try to frequent it often. You're allowed to grab ONE item per every 60 seconds. Not bad at all, believe me, if you don't see items right away, come back later you definitely will. Members of the adult forum donate tons of items just for the heck of it (I am one of them).
  • When you use a piece of clothing, it goes into your wardrobe forever. You can not take it out or sell it in your shop, so make absolutely sure before you do this. Some people put clothes into their wardrobe for collection purposes. At this time there is yet no benefit from having a full wardrobe. Be aware that there are OVER 1,990 pieces of clothing in the Marapets site. That's no typo, pretty soon there will be over 2500.

Create a Pet Edit

  • PetChoices
    Creating a pet in Marapets is very simple, if you're not automatically taken to create a pet, go to this link. This will also earn you 2500 MP.
  • You must name your pet with a name that hasn't been already taken in the site.

Q: How many pets can I have in Marapets?Edit

A: You can have up to 13 pets. A maximum of 100 pets if you use 87 extra pet giftboxes from Account Upgrades. As a beginner however, you might be better off with two or three, since pets can be a bit expensive when you're starting out.

Troit millionaire

It's always sunny in a rich pet's world...

Q: My pet is hungry; how do I feed it?Edit

A: If your pet is hungry you should feed your pet foods that you can buy in the shops. Buy the item, go to your inventory, click on the item and "use" it. There are many places where you can find food for your pets!

For flat-out broke peoples!

  • Free Food
    • If you're completely new and broke, go to the Gingerbread House in Candyland (visit here); but if you have more than 7,500MP you will not be able to feed your pets here! Remember, this daily knows how much is in your Bank AND your Shop Till :)
  • I'm not saying that she's a worm digger...
  • Are you ready for this?
    • The hardest one yet, Guess The Weight at Gigantic Paradise (visit here), while people rarely win here; but IF you do, you could get a rare potato as reward. Some of these potatoes can be very valuable! Selling them may generate LOTS of marapoints, and may be more productive than feeding it to your pet. You can always buy your pet a nice gourmet meat dinner or a nice hotel stay with the earnings after all!
  • Gum gumballs! Let's go!
    • The Gumball Machine can give a gumball to your hungry pet for 150MP.
  • It's Huthiq Jelly Time!
    • Visit Gelatin's Jelly Castle once a day for 300MP. Catch him the hour he sleeps to win jelly prizes.
  • It's a wonderful day for pie!
    • Play Pie Throw once every 2 hours for 500MP. Crumble will give you 3 pies to throw at the target. Hit a bulls-eye to win a Pie or increase the multiplier. Not interested? Get a pie to the face yourself!

Q: My pet is tired, what should I do?Edit

You can feed your pet some marapops from the soft drink shop in Slater Park. Or put your pet in the Hotel in the City.

There are also many places where food is so cheap you wont struggle to keep your pets well-fed at all!

  • Cheap Food
    • A Piece of Broccoli in the Vegetables Shop (visit here) will cost you only 5 marapoints!
    • A Rowan in the Fruits Shop (visit here) will cost you only 3 marapoints!
    • Or perhaps you have a carnivorous pet? You can find Tomato Pork Rib in the Gourmet Meat Shop (visit here) for only 36 marapoints!
    • If you have a load of pets to feed and very little marapoints, the Charity Shop will perhaps be your best friend! Not only do they sell everything at a half discount but you can also find food half priced every 5 minutes. What are you waiting for? Visit here!!! :D

For the "Snobby Newbies" of Marada, treat your pets at the lap of Luxury!

  • Not so "cheap" alternatives
    • The Vortex Park Diner is another expensive place to feed your pet in. The food here is rare and expensive, as most people are too scared to go near this place; but believe it or not everything in the menu is gourmet without any exceptions!
    • Perhaps your pet is in the mood to start his day with a warm cup of coffee, before heading to the Olympics. A cup of warm Green Tea is only 267 marapoints; and there are all kinds of Cappuccino and warm drinks Visit here!

Q: How do I make my Pet happy?Edit

Let it play with some toys or plushies. Buy the item, go to your inventory, click on the item and "use" it.

IMPROVING YOUR PET: Your Pets Appearance, Abilities and EducationEdit



If you have been to a web site like Neopets you probably are familiar with the "Secret Laboratory". It changes the appearance of your pet and sometimes you might even get status to make your pet stronger in battle. Marapets has a FREE portal which does just that. Visit once per day! The Operation Portal is at Enpiah. You can also change the appearance of your pet by using a Costume, Potion or Enchanted Plushie. The Costumes Shop is in Biala. You should also try user shops, trades and auctions. The Potion Shop is in Dukka Caves. Enchanted Plushies are plushies with magical powers to change your pet. You can win them from the Plushie Machine or buy them from user shops, trades and auctions. If you let your pet play with an Enchanted Plushie it will turn your pet into the same color and species as the plushie. You can only use an Enchanted Plushie once, then it loses its magical powers.

Undying ClockEdit
The old grandfather clock might reward your pet with stats. You must visit every 12 hours. It might take a few tries to get something out of this; but hey, it's free!
Visit the Genie once a day for free and you could have your wish granted. If you are extremely lucky you may receive an Essence, which will turn your pet into a random color of the species shown on the bottle.

The Decapitating Fairy enjoys executing pets. Send your pet to her will and she may reward it with charisma... or cause it to lose its head. If the Decapitating Fairy is happy, she may also reward you with MP or her own doll.


Simerian StatueEdit

For a fee of 100MP you can go to this statue which might just give you a school status for your pet. Be warned, it is extremely rare to get anything out of this, and you'll be better off spending that in school supplies which give you a sure status instead.

City Of Marada SchoolEdit

I was going to explain this later in the guide but since I mentioned it above, I probably should. The City of Marada School is where your pet will get an education. The School Supplies Shop is in Puchalla Village. You can also buy school supplies from user shops. Getting an education can help your pet get the job of its dreams (or yours)!!! Since it can be complicated to explain, please check the links provided when you get a chance. In a nutshell, you can check the Millionaire guide, where I gave a more detailed description about the best way to use School for ways of profit. For more information on pet jobs click here.

Pixie DiceEdit
Only 1,000MP for Pembe to throw her magical dice. Can you win pet stats or MP? Roll a 2 or 12 to get 2 random stats 3 or 11 for 1 status increase, 4 or 10 to win 10,000MP, 5 or 9 for 5,000MP, 6 or 8 for 1,500MP, but roll a 7 and you come out with nothing. This does not win a prize
Minipet Island GymEdit

To train your pet for battle you must visit the Minipet Island Gym in Minipet Island. You do not need, per se, to pay marapoints to complete the gym lesson; but you do need crystals to pay. The Elger Quest is the best way to get crystals. If you want you can also buy the crystal(s) you need from Shop Search visit here. The value of crystals fluctuate too often, expect to pay at least 5,000MP for each crystal in user shops!

Q: How can I increase my pet's Magic stats?Edit

Magic stats can be gained in several ways. If you have completed the Ice Caves map you can visit the Ice Caves. You can do Computer Repair Quests in Ziranek or visit Eleka Fountain in Eleka's Castle (at risk of getting sick). Level 21 of each of the Temples in Simeria gives 10 Magic stats and Level 21 of each Pyramid in Kamilah Desert gives 5 Magic stats.

Ice CavesEdit

If you are in need of a highly reliable way to earn magic, assemble the most popular treasure map in Marapets, the Christmas Treasure Map! It will give you LIFETIME access to the Ice Caves, which can be visited every 16 hours (every 8 hours if you have a giftbox). Magic is the best thing for healing in battle, you will be able to heal as much health as your magic level.

You can buy most of the pieces off the treasure maps shop with RP from Leprechaun Quest, however there are three pieces you will not find there: Christmas Treasure Map 1, Christmas Treasure Map 6 and Christmas Treasure Map 12. All of those pieces are retired, but there are still ways to get them. Pieces 1 and 12 were Advent Calendar prizes and can be found in shop search, piece #6 was originally available ONLY through an Account Upgrade some years ago.

To get them, first search for each of them in shop search. You are likely to find piece #6 in trades. Last one I saw sold for 900,000 marapoints.

Expect to pay at least 2 million marapoints to put the Christmas Treasure Map together! I myself, put this map together in 2007, the grand total for #6 alone was 5 million, I ended up spending about 6 million for all of them.

IMPORTANT: Technically, those three Christmas Treasure Map pieces are not forever "retired". The 22 month old Loyalty Prize from King Baspinar (full list here) includes a random piece of Christmas treasure map. In some cases, an extreme lucky person has received one of those retired pieces. This is so rare, however, don't count on it!

Q: How does my pet gain Charisma?Edit

A: Charisma is gained from random events, randomly when your pet completes school courses or from riding Murfin Madness in Slater Park. WARNING: Pets can get sick from this ride. Do not use it unless you can afford to cure your pet. You can also gain Charisma stats from the Guillotine but your pet might lose its head. Level 13 of each of the Temples in Simeria gives 5 Charisma stats and Level 13 of each Pyramid in Kamilah Desert gives 3 Charisma stats.

The Sewer PipesEdit

Currently you can put the Sewers Treasure Map together to visit the Sewer Pipes. The Sewer Pipes are a highly reliable way to earn status for your pet. I get status at least 5 times a week!

The Sewers Treasure Map is part of some Account Upgrades from November 2009 and May 2018. Click here to visit the Account Upgrades.

The WhirlpoolEdit

The Whirlpool in Jenoa will improve your pet in many ways. You can get status, color change, costume change, species change and IF you're EXTREMELY lucky, you might even get a Limited Edition pet from this! To gain access you need to put yet another treasure map together. One of the toughest maps to assemble, and the second most popular map in Marapets! Luckily, ALL pieces of this Map can be purchased from the treasure maps shop. Leprechaun quests should help you with that.


The Battle Arena is on Minipet Island. To heal your pet, take it to the Healing Bubble Pit in Jenoa.

Your ThingsEdit

Your InventoryEdit

Inventory is where your items go to when you win them from games, when you buy them from shops, when you finish a quest or mission, or even when another player sends it to you.


Alerts are messages you get when you receive items from other members, when you get a warning, when your pet wins the Olympics, and when you buy Account Upgrades.


Maramails are private messages you send to or receive from other members. To send a maramail to someone, you must go to their profile and click on the maramail icon.



The Attic

"Your virtual pets live in homes and each of these homes have an attic. Your character cannot carry around too many items when exploring Marada, so instead most items should be stored in the Attic of your homes. All items here are safe from random events. To remove an item, click on the item's name. You can also remove more than one of the item and you can also move items to your shop or gallery. You can store an unlimited amount of items here and there is also a great search feature to help you find what you are looking for in a hurry."


Here are all of the different collections at Marapets. There are many different types of item, avatar or experience sets for you or your pets to collect. Once collected they cannot be removed. The more that you collect, the more you will be Rewarded. There are also several Missions that will ask for items from your collections or reward you with an item you are missing.

Battle DeckEdit

Collect the Trading Cards for your Battle Deck and then your pets can battle these opponents in the Battle Arena. They are in descending alphabetical order.


Every time you give your pet a book, newspaper, magazine, CD, DVD, musical instrument, or spell it will be added to their collections.


Find and collect backgrounds around Marada for your character.


Collect each Giftbox to unlock new features, benefits and services.

Glowing Egg NestEdit

Collect Glowing Eggs in your Nest to hatch each one to unlock 3 new colours to change Clothing and Font colours.

Gourmet FoodsEdit

Every time your pet eats or drinks rarity 10 or above food or drinks it will add to their collection. There are Gourmet Minipets that are both a minipet and a gourmet food. Be careful when you use the item - 'Use Item' will add it as a minipet, while 'Eat Minipet' will feed it to your pet.

Hidden AvatarsEdit

Find and collect the Avatars that are hidden all around the site.

Photo AlbumEdit

Collect a photo for every pet colour at the Photo Parlour.


Collect a plate for every minipet you create from the Ferris Wheel or Resort.

Plushie CollectionEdit

Collect all of the plushies from the Plushie Machine and add them to your collection. Make sure your pet doesn't break them before adding it!

Stamp AlbumEdit

Collect all of the Stamps to complete the pages of your Stamp Albums and win prizes.


Every time your pet plays with a new toy it will add to their collection.


Every time your pet changes to a new colour or species it is added to their collection.

Treasure MapsEdit

Collect all 16 pieces of each treasure map, instructions or pass to gain access to new places or services that improve your Marapets experience.

Forums Edit

What is a forum? - It's an internet board to post messages into, often involving one main subject. Then there are sub-forums, to discuss other specific matters of that subject. Marapets has a really well built and popular set of forums. [1]

The Marapets Forums are one of the best ways to communicate with other players. You need to be at least 13 years old in order for you to be able to send and receive Maramail and take advantage of all of the features, such as moderated Forums and Clubs. If you are 13 and under, you can get Parental Consent by filling out this form. You will have to print it out and fill it in. You can then send it over and once received, access will be gained within 24 hours. You also have to remember that what you post in the forums can be read publicly by anyone who has forum access; so you must practice good netiquete (be polite).

Privacy: If you need to message a user instantly and privately, why not try maramails? It is the most reliable way to contact someone instantly. Maramails shall never be used for insults or harassment, there is a block feature to keep people from sending you maramail; and they can do the same to you. (Refer to sections: Reporting and Being A Nuisance for help with that.)

Reporting Edit

You see someone cheating, spamming excessively, insulting, harassing, or someone who's breaking the rules; make sure to fill out a support ticket with a report about it. You can also use the info contact form to report problems in the site, errors and bugs, etc. Be sure to post in errors and bugs forum first (link in above paragraph), or check there to see if someone else hasn't come up with a quick solution to your problem. Staff will often post about server errors, glitches, scams and such in the Errors and Bugs forum; with information about what to do, or what to avoid.

Being A Nuisance Edit

Not everyone comes to a pet site with interest to play at all. Some people just can't wait to cheat in whatever possible way they can, then we have others who are always hoping for a BIG discount, a BIG gift (or gifts), and others just want to cause just plain trouble. Sometimes sick people can also join, which in average don't last more than an hour without being banned right away. The Marapets Administration Team is always lurking to find cheaters and sickos.

Begging and Spamming Edit

  • Remember that being new does not exempt you from the rules and from being kind to your fellow Maradans. Sending Maramails to other members simply to ask for items, is begging which in most cases is NOT tolerated and will put your account on a watch, if you do it too often you might even get banned from playing Marapets.
  • If you're a minor and decide to throw a few adult jokes around, or if you're a sick adult; you just WON'T last.
  • Creating a whole bunch of annoying posts harassing, begging, or just to be "funny" is not the best start for any account.
  • Spam belongs in the Spam Forum, although you no-longer get 100mp for posting in forums at all, that doesn't give you the right to post spam in Random Chat. Be sensible, if your post is whiny or just isn't worth reading, post it in SPAM.

Trolling Edit

  • Same rules as above, but this time you're just maramailing people to insult them, to complaint about something, or settle a forum dispute. If you're mad at someone who posted in the forums, maramailing that person is taking it a step further. As far as I know you should use your blog for complaints like such but you CANNOT write usernames. Remember that there is a blocking feature, so if you're being harassed make sure to block the person. The person can do the same for you, so think before you send that mail.
  • Perhaps your way of trolling is to go to the forums and complain about every single thing that comes to mind about the site, real life, celebrities, politics, etc. You may not get banned for complaining but attacking someone directly can definitely get you punished. You can lose pets and marapoints for harassment, so keep comments to yourself whenever you can.
  • Most likely the word Neopets, Subeta, Icepets, etc. are blocked and replaced by funny phrases, thanks to the site's filters. If you figure a way around to type it in the forums, most likely you wont be punished, but there are exceptions, such as: creating posts for the sole purpose of advertising another pet site, creating posts to put Marapets down, comparing both sites, etc. You might be given a second chance but your account will be on watch and if you are caught again say goodbye. Generally posts like this are removed promptly, and you're given a kind warning, but if your intention is to cause harm, you won't last.

Cheating Edit

You wont last long if you decide to look for ways to cheat, like I mentioned in the front page; Marapets is fairly easy (at least 40% of the content is easy) for the need of cheating. Missions are not designed to be easy, don't expect for people to feel sorry for you for doing Blitzen fifty times and failing. I've been in Marapets 3 years and never passed Blitzen, so I try another mission like Ublish instead. You can earn a decent amount of marapoints (at least 15,000 a day) just by doing Dailies. So, if you cheat, tell it to the judge, 'cause your account will be banned.

Religion, Politics, Romance Edit

Religious, politics and romantic views are BANNED from forums and maramails in Marapets. Be sensible when you want to talk about these subjects in maramail with a friend. Ultimately, you can talk about politics and religion in your blog up to certain extent. Romance is banned from the site completely, DO NOT create blogs about stuff you and your boyfriend/girlfriend do.

Personal Information Edit

Your siggie, your profile, your blog, etc will be eliminated if you include personal information. As far as I know the most personal you can actually get in Marapets is your general real life preferences (non-sexual), name and age is ok too, but going beyond that is perhaps not safe for you. That's also private information that most people don't WANT to see in a pet site.

Lying About Your Age Edit

You're most likely going to be found out. The admins in Marapets have YEARS of experience and can tell the age range from a person by what they type in the site. They can also see your IP and where you're from. You will be underaged, if you sneak into the forums when you're not 13 years or older. If you should buy adult forum access, and you're not 18; you will most likely be banned.

What are Glowing Eggs?Edit

Egg love
Everyone has heard about them at least once. What do they do? Well, in Marapets you're allowed to change the colors or your doll's clothing, forum font, shop background, etc. with the colors you unlock from glowing eggs. To enhance your Marapets experience you need to collect as many glowing eggs as you can. To begin collecting them, you must go to the Glowing Eggs Shop. Once you buy a few, you must click on the egg on your inventory and use it.
Using a glowing egg

Using a glowing egg...

The egg will then be added to your nest. You can see your nest from your profile (see illustration), or you can get to it from Gigantic Paradise. You can also click here to go straight to your nest. Once you have added the eggs to your nest, they'd need hatching. To do so, click on the egg you want to hatch, within your nest. The hatching process can sometimes happen immediately. But sometimes refreshing on the egg page is needed. Refreshing can take a while and you may need to refresh at least 50 times for some eggs!
Profile egg nest

Egg nest in your profile

When Things Go Wrong Edit

Sick PetEdit


Sick Pet Random Event

You're excited exploring all the worlds in Marada and all of a sudden, your pet gets sick!! Or maybe, you take your pet for a ride in a certain roller-coaster, or a swim in certain fountain and it's gotten a cold!

Q: What are the illnesses my pets can get and how can I cure them?Edit

Condition Item Cure

Greedy Fairy Acne Cream

If your pet has Acne, the Greedy Fairy can help. She uses this cream for her acne!


Anime Chibs Pillow

Addicted to Anime? Hug this Anime Chibs Pillow at night to cure Animania!

Art Block

1001 Art Ideas

Is your pet suffering from Art Block? 1001 Art Ideas will help!

Bad Breath

Breath Mint

Does your pet have bad breath? Chew on this!


Tiny Bottled Cloud

Has your pet got Breezies? It's typical after a visit to Nimbus. This item will cure it!

Broken Arm

Arm Plaster Cast

If your pet has a broken arm, this Arm Plaster Cast will help to cure it!

Broken Leg

Leg Plaster Cast

If your pet has a broken leg, this Leg Plaster Cast will help to cure it!

Sore Throat

Citrus Mug

A mug of hot lemon will clear your throat.



These pills will quickly heal any headaches your pet may have.



When your pet is scratched use this plaster for it to heal!



If your pet has toothache, use this brush to clean them!


Box of Tissues

When your pet has a cold, this box of tissues will soon cure it!


Love Injection

Is your pet so unloved that its caught Cooties? This injection will help... but give it a hug too!


Herbal Springs Shampoo

Does your pet have terrible Dandruff? This shampoo should fix that right up!

Dark Fairy Curse

Light Fairy Blessing

Has the Dark Fairy cursed your pet? Not to worry! This blessing will stop that curse!


Joyful Cheesecake

Is your pet feeling sad? One bite of this cheesecake will cheer them up!


Flea Soap

Oh no! Your pet has fleas? Wash them in this and they'll be fine!


Chicken Soup

Got the flu? This chicken soup is just what you need!

Ice Fairy Chills

Fire Fairy Lotion

Freezing cold? Maybe you have the Ice Fairy Chills! This will help cure it.

Inky Tail

Super Absorbent Sand

Does your pet's tail have ink on it? This sand will fix that right up!

Lonely Heart

Anonymous Love Letter

Is your pet lonely since Valentine's Day? This letter will cure them!


Colourful Paint Brush

Feel dull and colourless? You must have Monochromia! This will cure it.


Bottle of Sweet Dreams

Is your pet having nightmares? One dose of this will cure them!


Soothing Osafo Cream

Your pet's Osafopox will be instantly cured when you rub this cream on.

Pink Eye

Eye Drops

Does your pet have pink eye? These eye drops will cure it.


Undying Fairy Stress Doll

Is your pet stressed? Marada can be very stressful! This doll will help!

Stuffy Ears

Magical Ear Cleaner

Are your pet's ears blocked? This magical ear cleaner will fix that!


Aloe Vera Leaf

Suffering from sunburn? This leaf will cure it.


Gas Be Gone

Does your pet have bad gas? One dose of this and the toots will be gone!


Troll Away Spray

Have the forum trolls given your pet Trollitis? This spray will keep the Troll away!


Garlic Necklace

Has your pet adopted the vampire lifestyle? This necklace will put a stop to that!

Go to the Pharmacy in Puchalla Village. Buy the cure you need and then go to your inventory and "use" it on your pet. If you can't find the medicine you need you can take your pet to be cured at the hospital which will cost you 2,500 MP.


Q: What places should I know about to avoid my pet getting sick?Edit

A: Your pet will get sick for many reasons, but 2 of them CANNOT be avoided!

  1. A random event makes your pet sick.
  2. Someone decides to curse your pet with a Voodoo Doll! D:

Places you pet can get sick from (avoiding these activities will prevent your pet getting sick)!:

  1. Eleka Fountain (here) - It promises magic but you're better off avoiding this unless you're willing to take the expense of curing your pet every time. It costs a whooping 50RP to get in! RPs are expensive, so avoid this at all cost!!!
  2. Murfin Madness (here) - Promises charisma but again, this roller-coaster is best avoided. Apart from a sick pet you can get sick-pet t-shirts and mugs, you can sell these in your shop, but rarely will they ever sell for more than the 500MP fee (ouch!) you need to pay to be able to ride.


Q: One of my pets did something "wrong" and now it's in jail! How do I get it out?Edit

A: Prison is not as bad as you think in Marapets. In fact the Maradan Prison seems to have no effect in your pet at all! You could leave the pet in prison, like most experienced players have done. Nothing will happen to it. Your pet will not be "locked in" inaccessible like some people think; and the only thing that will ever remind you your pet's in jail, is IF you go to the prison and see it. If you think leaving it there is "morally" wrong then read on!...

Getting your pet outta jail

Getting your pet out of jail can be confusing for some people. Be aware you have 2 options! One, of course is more costly than the other; so choose carefully.

  • First Option: If you must get your pet out of jail, you need to pay 2,500MP!

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind however, that your pet will CHANGE clothes to prison clothing, to alert Maradans of its criminal past.

  • Second Option: If you must keep your pet UNCHANGED with the costume it has, and NOT get the prison costume, you MUST pay a 15,000MP get-outta-jail fee. If this amount is too much for you, you don't need to rush. Keep saving up, your pet will be fine meanwhile.

TIPS: If you use the portal on your pet often, you should use option number 1. It doesn't make much sense to get your pet out the way he went in, only to have the portal change his costume to something you may not even like to begin with. So like I said above, think carefully about how you do this!

Q: What should I know about to avoid my pet going to jail?Edit

Well, be aware that the following activities have their respective uses, so you should not avoid them entirely. However if you consider your pet too cute to go to the slammer; avoid these completely:

  • Concoctions can have various uses, but they are NOT very effective! It can take various uses for concoctions to do what they're supposed to. When you feed a concoction to your pet you may gain its benefits (or not)! What you will definitely earn is a trip to jail if it's caught overusing them!
  • Electric Bill, is a random event that can't be avoided. So basically, you have to pay it in order to avoid your pets going to jail. This is what the event looks like. If left unpaid and you keep browsing the site, you will receive a reminder; by that time you should make sure to pay it. Go to the Power Station in the City to pay your bill.

Q: What happens if my pet dies?Edit

If you neglect your pet, you will get a warning alert at the top of page as a random event telling you that you have 14 days to cure your pet. Make sure your pet is kept happy, fed and rested. If your pet gets sick cure it as soon as possible. After these 14 days, your pet will die and go to the Gate of the Graveyard. You have two weeks from your pet dying to save your pet for the last time before it goes to the Graveyard and becomes a Zombie, where any player can adopt the pet.

At the Gate of the Graveyard, it will cost you 50,000MP to save a pet as a Zombie and 75,000MP to save the pet unchanged. You can also feed your pet a Poison to kill it then you can rescue it for a cost of 50,000MP. The poison type must match your pet's species. You cannot disown a zombie pet; you must turn it into different color using an enchanted plushie, potion or costume.

Attic Needs Edit

When your attic breaks, you will not be able to access it! So make sure when you need to fix something; tend to it as soon as possible. This list will help you with the tools you will need to fix your attic:


This tool will remove overgrown trees in your marahome.


Use this tool to fix any frames that have fallen down in your marahome.


Use this tool to help you get minipets down from the roof of your marahome.


Use these pliers to tighten the pipes in your marahome.


This plunger will help you clear blocked toilets in your marahome.


This tool will help you rake off the leaves around your marahome.


Use this saw to cut up any trees that fall on your marahome.


Use this screwdriver to tighten lose screws on your doors of your marahome.


This shovel will help you dig up and replant bushes in your marahome's garden.

Sledge Hammer

This sledge hammer will help you fix your marahome's broken sidewalk.


Use this spanner to fix the plumbing of your flooded marahome.

Tape Measure

This tool will help you measure the size of the rooms in your marahome and repair them.


This tool will help you plaster the broken walls in your marahome.

Tools Shop:

Miscellaneous Stuff Edit

  • You might want to take a look at the Duplicated Items list, very useful for beginners.
  • Check out some Marapets Wallpapers.
  • For a list of winners of the Ice Fairy and Greedy Fairy look in here!
  • For the list of Marapets look here.
  • You can find Trading Cards here.


This guide is a work in progress. A help guide that basically covers everything a newbie needs to know, takes time to build, and this guide is nowhere close to completion! Here is a recap:

  • Various forum colors can be earned from glowing eggs, flash games can give you Game Points, marahomes furniture are toys now that Marahomes have been demolished, and the attic acts like a Safety Deposit Box for your items so it won't be dropped by your character in a random event.

Where Now?Edit

Hopefully you're a little less confused, and ready to start exploring the site for yourself. But don't worry if you're still nervous--We have some links for you!

  • Take a tour of the fictional world that Marapets is set in.
  • Find out about the many weird and wonderful species of Marapet that exist.
  • Learn some basic precautions to keep your account safe and private.
  • And never be afraid to ask for help from our proud admins or on Marapets' volunteer Help Forums! Remember, we were all newbies once too!