Pet Name: Azul
Pet Kind or Specie: Teddy Bear
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Date Introduced: Perhaps on the site's opening date Aug 15th 2004.
Description: The Azul is a beautiful huggable teddy-bear-like pet with an antenna over its head. It is unknown what the antenna is for, but it because of the fact that this pet came from outer space. It is fairly famous for being shopkeeper in a couple of Maradan shops like the Puchalla Village's Vegetables Shop, Lowlyhood's Eye Make Up Shop, and from the games Football and Whack an Azul.

Pronounced Ay-Ze-l

Marapets Description: These little bears flew in from another galaxy after their homeworld ran out of honey.

Trivia: Azul Day was celebrated on February 5th, 2005 for its own update.

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