The new Alien Invasion Event is an event. Make sure to get your pets ready because it will be another war! If you have a pet wearing an Alien Costume you

You know you want me

will be able to join both sides...


Yes we want to play!

19th July 2014

"Hi guys! Trojan again... you might have seen me before. I just heard that Marapets is turning 10 soon! Kewl!!! I turned 6 on my last birthday. Mum said I was big and strong and people have to watch out! Then I had this idea. If I'm 6, and all my friends are bigger than me... if all of my Alien friends join me, we can take over Marada! Let's keep this secret for now and we can all train and get ready..."

"All Alien Pets can now use the Gym, Elite Gym and School for FREE while we prepare to attack!"

23rd July 2014

Trojan is now allowing all Monster Costumed pets to join him on his invasion! Monster pets will now have their Minipet Island Gym and Elite Gym Free Training paid for by Trojan.

Each and every Alien and Monster pet can now visit Trojan once every 2 hours for free supplies or stats. The more monster or alien pets that you have, the more you can collect! Visit Trojan in Enpiah and he will reward you with one of these new items or more free stats! All of these items will retire at the end of the Alien Invasion event.

Watch out for Trojan on the Explore forum this week, apparently he is turning random pets into monsters or aliens for free!

The chances of your pet turning into an Alien or Monster pet have been increased at the Operations Portal and Whirlpool for the remainder of the Alien Invasion event.

26th July 2014

The Alien Invasion has begun! Trojan and his school friends Boogle, Oogle, Snoogle and Troogle are wreaking havoc all over Marada! Search them out and fend them off to save Marada from this menace!

While playing Marapets, you may randomly be attacked by a number of aliens. Defeat them in the Battle Arena to win BP and for a chance to win some of these fabulous prizes...

The Fatty, Jinx, Bush and Billy are the first minipets to wear the new Ball of Alien Yarn.

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