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Pet Name: Addow[1]
Pet Description: "These little monkeys can be found in banana trees throwing fruit at unsuspecting passersby."[2]
Pet Kind or Species: Monkey[3]
Date Introduced: Assumed August 15, 2004 or shortly after[citation needed]
Description: The Addow is a sympathetic monkey with big nostrils and three hairs on it's head. It sits in an "Indian-style" position. Also, the Addow can wear up to thirty-six costumes![citation needed]


  • Addow Day was celebrated on October 7, 2004 on the website. The Addow avatar was released on that day as well.[citation needed]
  • The Addow was not always a Non-Limited Edition Marapet. The Marapet used to be a Limited Edition pet until the middle of 2005.[citation needed]


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