Pet Name: Addow
Pet Kind or Species: Monkey
Date Introduced: Perhaps site's opening date Aug 15th 2004 or shortly after.
Description: The Addow is a happy monkey with big nostrils and three hairs on its head. It sits in a crouching position. The former Eye Make Up Shopkeeper [4] is an Addow. They also have their own Flash game called Addow Ride. The Addow is currently a standard species of pet, meaning that their species is healthy and their habitat is not threatened.

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Addow (No. ??)

Official Description: These little monkeys can be found in banana trees throwing fruit at unsuspecting passersby.


  • Addow Day was celebrated on October 7, 2004 on the website. The Addow avatar was released on that day as well.
  • The Addow was not always a Non-Limited Edition Marapet. It used to be a Limited Edition pet until the middle of 2005.

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Addows around MaradaEdit

Addows featured around the site: Addow Ride, Tools Shopkeeper and others...

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