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Marapets Description: Marapets is free to play but there are many different Account Upgrades you can purchase to support us. Account Upgrade credit is priced in UK Pounds Sterling (£) but players from All Countries can buy credits and you will automatically be charged in your local currency. Purchasing Account Upgrades helps us to improve. You do not have to donate, but if you want to, simply enter the amount of credit you would like to buy below and pay for it with Google Wallet or PayPal. You can purchase as much Account Upgrade credit as you like and there are no monthly subscriptions.

Account Upgrades - Revamped April 2014

 We are a free site that relies on the donations of our players and paid advertising. There are many ways to get Account Upgrades credit. The most common way is to buy it by credit card using PayPal or Google Wallet. However, you can earn it from Goals, win it from the Monthly Checklist or buy it from other players at the Currency Exchange. SALES & SUPPORT ENQUIRES EMAIL :

New prizes are released every month and you are able to donate more than once if you wish.


FREE Houo minipet + Lucky Chibs Plushie + 30% extra credit with your NEXT transaction with Paypal!! 

with a minimum transaction of £4

Additional Comments: Account upgrades are DONATIONS, that means there is no refunds. Account Upgrades DO NOT entitle people to CHEAT in Marapets and get away with it. Marapets users ARE NOT entitled to any NEW items or NEW updates to the site other than those promised through the upgrade. That includes, but are not limited to: Making forum posts demanding the site to improve, to fix something, to post more News updates, to create new marapets, to make new worlds, or to "give you what you're worth". In short, donations are voluntary and once you receive your items promised, Marapets does not owe anything else to you.

You can also quickly find the Monthly Checklist, Account Upgrades Shop, Capsule Machine and Giftbox Shop from the Account Upgrades page. 

31st August 2005

                                                                Fire Account Upgrade

1st October 2005

                                                               Starry Account Upgrade 

1st November 2005

                                                              Gothic Account Upgrade

1st December 2005

                         Old, Love, Camouflage, Checkered, and Dark Account Upgrades


                                                              Bronze Account Upgrade

                                                               Silver Account Upgrade

                                                               Gold Account Upgrade

31st October 2009

                                                               Killer Account Upgrade

2nd May 2012

                                                                Hairy Account Upgrade

28th January 2014

                                                           Steampunk Account Upgrade

23rd February 2014

                                                              Cartoon Account Upgrade

18th March 2014

                                                             Monster Account Upgrade

20th May 2014

                                                                Alien Account Upgrade

6th June 2014

                                                               Chibi Account Upgrade

27th July 2014

                                             Daylight and Moonlight Account Upgrade

17th April 2016

                                                            Arcade Account Upgrade

3rd June 2016

                                                            Scout Account Upgrade


Account Upgrades ShopEdit


Marapets Description: This shop sells rare and limited edition items for Account Upgrade credits. You can buy AU Credits from the Account Upgrades page. You can also win them from the Monthly Checklist and earn them from Goal Games. These items can retire at any time, but some items will say the date that they will automatically retire. For a limited time only, this shop now has random pieces of the Vending Machine Instructions and Sumo Sally Pass (retires 15/05/2014) for sale.

Pass sumosally

The Sumo Sally Pass

Additional Comments: Please note that Sumo Sally passes will retire in 15/05/2014. Once it retires, you may never do a  Sumo Sally Quest again (but there's always the Knutt Knight Quest)!

Instruc vending3

Sorry, you cannot use the Vending Machine until you have completed the Vending Machine Instructions. Vending Machine Instructions are only available from Account Upgrades.

Account Upgrades Shop
World Dukka Caves
Currency Account Upgrade Credit
Shop Keeper Chibs
Released 15th April 2014
Shop URL

Giftbox ShopEdit


Marapets Description: This shop sells Giftbox items for Account Upgrade credits. You can use Giftbox items to unlock new features, benefits and services that improve your Marapets experience. You can buy AU Credits from the Account Upgrades page.

Additional Comments: The Giftbox items on the Account Upgrades page have been improved. Every Giftbox item has been revamped and they are all now on sale in a brand new Giftbox Shop. Every single Giftbox has had their item description updated, so there should be no more confusion over what each one does! The most confusing 'Transmogrification Time Giftbox' has been renamed to 'Transmogrification Repeat Giftbox' and before you buy in the shop, a pop-up confirmation alert now asks you to confirm your purchase to stop accidental buys! There is also a 'what does this do?' link for each Giftbox so you can easily see what each one is for. Finally, once you have used a Giftbox, the boxes telling you about them will be removed from those sections of the site. For example, the Double Crystals Giftbox message will be removed from Elger quests page once you have used one. The Giftbox section of every player's profile has been updated. They are now organised alphabetically, link back to the Giftbox Shop and has a progress bar of how many you have collected.

Giftbox Shop
World Biala Mountain
Currency Account Upgrade Credit
Shop Keeper Zola
Released 15th April 2014
Shop URL

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